Happy Tip of the Day

Did you know that every emotion has a vibration frequency? 

There's a book called Power VS Force. It talks about the Vibration Frequency Code. There are even machines that can measure a person's vibration frequency and measure their feelings based off the frequency of energy they are emitting! Cool huh?!! Fancy scientific stuff. wink emoticon 

Shame has the energy level of 20. Guilt has an energy level of 30. Apathy has the energy level of 50

Fear has an energy level of 100. Anger has an energy level of 150. 

Gratitude has an energy level of 350

For those interested? 

Love has the energy level of 500. 
Joy has the energy level of 540. 

Wanna move from low levels of energy to high? 

Make a gratitude list!!!!! 

It will pull you UP out of the lower energies and up towards the higher ones. 

After my morning workout I like to take a brisk walk around my neighborhood making a mental note of everything I'm grateful for. Or sit outside and make a LIST. Everything I'm grateful for. Everything I'm excited about. Everything there is to LOVE. 

It's my INSTANT scientifically proven energy boost!!! I promise it works! 

Consider this my random happy tip of the day.