The Power of Play

** Vulnerable Share **

Over the past four years I started working out for the first time in my life and fell in love with it.


But then ------ I fell out of love with working out.


It wasn't fun anymore. I still would do it, just not as consistently or with as much passion or intensity.

I haven't wanted to own that publicly. How can I be a coach and NOT like working out???

Well... It's the truth. That's how I felt for awhile there. But then things have been better the last few months. I figured I just snapped out of it. But I'm reading Tony Horton's Big Picture book. Reading this book this morning after my workout I can see WHY. Do you see this excerpt? It explains what happened for me!

I started viewing working out as a thing I HAD to do, an item on my to do list. Where before, it was a hobby.

As much as I like structure and organization. I also strongly dislike being told what I HAVE to do. Lol.

I can see I totally started viewing exercise as a check list item and not a hobby. That's when I lost my passion for it!

Oddly enough, when I ADDED IN a hobby (flying lessons) my passion for working out came back.

Hobbies. Things we do for play. Things we do JUST FOR THE SAKE OF FUN ----- they are more important than I ever realized!

Interesting huh? So this is my public message of the day. FIND A HOBBY!!!! Do something JUST FOR THE SAKE of PLAY.

Your spirit needs it. 

Your mind needs it. 

You will thrive more because of it.

Ahhhh the power of PLAY!!!!