Greetings from Arizona!

My Beachbody family is on a cruise ship right now headed to the Bahamas and Jamaica. And I'm in Arizona. 

Beachbody rewards it's coaches with a trip every year. And this year they booked an ENTIRE cruise boat--- the largest cruise ship in the world--- and it's completely full of Beachbody coaches. Pretty amazing company huh?!!

I've never seen a company spoil people like Beachbody does. 

I earned a free trip for two with an ocean view suite and thousand dollar online cruise credit. Bought our flight tickets MONTHS ago. And then decided this past week it just wasn't the wise decision for our family to have Jayson and I take off right now. 

I'm sad I won't be there with my team & Beachbody friends, but at peace this is the best decision for my family. 

To all my coaching friends, I hope you all have the most fun ever!! And I'll see you all this summer at Summit!