It seems the theme of what I've been learning lately is about living in reaction versus living in intention.

Is life happening TO me? Or, am I CHOOSING the meaning I give experiences?

When experiences/events happen do I just react? Let old habits dictate how I respond? Live in the natural human default settings? Or do I CHOOSE how I want to feel and make an intentional choice towards that?

This awareness has been so freeing for me. I have viewed/labeled myself as depressed and just a sad person who has since learned how to be happy. But I've shifted my beliefs. My big breakthrough of late---- God didn't create me as a sad person! Depression was a learned response to the experiences around me; the "default" response I slipped into because I didn't know then how to make an intentional choice. Feeling "off" was just a signal from my sensitive spirit to my body that SOMETHING ISN'T RIGHT HERE. I had emotions that just needed to be brought to the surface and expressed and dealt with. But I didn't know how to process the off feeling so it was labeled as depression. Kind of deep thoughts here haha, but anyone interested in knowing more of what I mean can message me.

But there's been LOTS of core belief changes the past year let's just say that.

The knowledge I don't have to dwell in the first reaction I feel, I can make intentional choices---- Ahhhh there's so much freedom knowing this!!!!!

It's THIS little small difference that has empowered me to believe I could be a pilot.

Because being scared of flying is a default setting. But I don't HAVE to live out my default settings.

Just feeling all sorts of gratitude this morning. Life has been so interesting! I'm grateful for the hard times, the good times, the frustration and anger and hurt and happiness and gratitude. I feel them all, even still. But it kind of makes life interesting eh? All just learning experiences. And that's what we are here to have.


I am learning a lot!! 

I am grateful!!!