There's something on my heart here that I need to share...... {sorry this is long}

I believe everyone knows I'm a Beachbody coach at this point. And I believe everyone knows this is how I support our family.

But I didn't sign up as a coach because I was looking for a job or a way to make money. I didn't sign up as a coach because I wanted to support our family.

I've had people approach me to do other network marketing companies and their pitch is always about the business structure. Facts and details, money money money, blah blah blah, I DON'T CARE.

SURE, Beachbody has the best business structure I've EVER seen. But I didn't join because it's a generous strong business structure. I signed up as a coach because I was a customer drinking Shakeology daily and it CHANGED.MY.LIFE.

Once I started drinking Shakeology I broke thru a weight loss plateau, I was finally regular for the first time in my life! (Yes I'm taking about poop here #‎dealwithit), I no longer needed a daily afternoon nap #‎helloENERGY, my random cravings were gone, and I was able to replace all the vitamins I was taking to manage depression with this ONE daily dose of dense nutrition- Shakeology.

For the first time in my LIFE I felt really really really good. I had no idea people could even feel that way! I didn't realize I could have that kind of daily energy and be mentally stable without medication.

Hands down, Shakeology changed my life.

And for awhile I was fine being a lifelong customer. But (this is where I get personal)..... I kid you not, I had a spiritual experience where I just KNEW God wanted me to share this with others. I knew that if God had placed something that could SO greatly benefit my life in front me, I OWED it to God to spread the good news and share that with others. It was such a personal spiritual experience that rocked me at my CORE.

So I signed up knowing in my heart that Shakeology is a blessing that needs to be shared! I signed up knowing this is unlike ANY OTHER THING out there. I signed up knowing we have a God given body and we are SUPPOSE to take care of it. And not to get all preachy on you, but I feel SO strongly that this is a God thing. At my church we talk about a "Word of Wisdom" where we are taught to eat clean nutritious foods. But I've learned the Word of Wisdom is not just a to-do and not to-do list, it's about the SPIRIT. And the increased ability for the spirit to communicate with you when you're following those guidelines!

That's why I feel Shakeology is so important! I feel people are closer to God and hear the promptings of the spirit better when they take care of their body. And I feel in this day and age you can eat INCREDIBLY clean and STILL be deficit in the nutrients your body NEEDS. An apple today just isn't the same as an apple 50 years ago thanks to air and water quality changing. REAL FOOD supplementation is needed. Vitamins aren't absorbed into your body the same way. And I'm sorry, but a green smoothie with 5-10 ingredients that you threw together is no comparison, it's a great idea and juicing is the most comparable thing to Shakeology, but you're STILL short changing your body of the nutrients your body needs.

If all I wanted to do was make money, there's lots of avenues for that. If all I wanted to do was help people, there's lots of avenues for that. If all I cared about was fitness, there's lots of avenues to get in a fitness routine.

But NO WHERE ELSE can you get ANYTHING that compares to Shakeology. I feel like this message is VITAL for society today. And the community we create through online fitness challenge groups is unlike any other and something that adds so much value. I take great pride in that. When people join my groups I know their life will FOREVER be better if they take advantage of it. {So when you get an invite from me, be flattered. It means I care.}

So try and recruit me all you want to something you think I'll earn more money in- I DON'T CARE! And mock me all you want for posting daily on social media. I love you, but your approval is not needed! I'm doing this for God's approval not yours. Because this is a NEEDED message. We MUST take care of our bodies friends!

So I'll keep doing what I'm doing. I'll drink this shake every single day for the rest of my life because my body deserves good nutrition. Yep I value the body God gave me enough to do that.

 And I'll keep seeking out people who want to join my team because they share my motivations and they SEE the big picture going on here. And I'll keep doing this because I know in my GUT this is a message that the world deserves to hear.

And THESE are the thoughts that were going through my mind as I drank my shake for lunch. Ha!

Cheers to four years strong of daily Shakeology. 😎 #‎stillmyfavoritemeal