Busy busy day getting things all set for my team retreat this weekend. I'm flying out tomorrow!

Before I leave, I felt a GIRL NIGHT with my two little princesses was a must.

And I must say, I've never felt so GRATEFUL to paint little toes and little fingers.

It's just so crazy to me...... two months ago Phoebe's pinky was cut off in an ice skating accident.

Those two weeks in the hospital were the hardest weeks of my life. Knowing Phoebe was in pain from something I did, it was an experience I wouldn't wish on anyone!

We almost gave up on that little finger, but we kept on trying. And it worked.

We were told we'd likely be in surgery right about now though to remove the pins that were placed in her finger {which just fell out on their own sparing her another surgery and hospital time}.....

And she was facing a skin graft surgery {which isn't necessary any more}.

Phoebe not only has her pinky finger, that pinky finger has a fingernail for me to paint.

Yes, it is a swollen finger with lots of scar tissue. A little shorter than the other pinky. And yes, her foot has a big scar where a vein was taken out and placed in her finger.

But she is perfect. Scars and all.