There is a SYSTEM to everything.

Everyday I learn something new.

Today- we learned about emergency landings.

We pretended that the engine failed. We followed a checklist of what to turn off, what to do first and second and so forth, and I had to bring the plane DOWN at a safe speed and altitude.

We picked a safe landing spot and I thought my instructor was going to have me actually land the plane we got so close lol, but then he had me initiate a climb so no landing in the field after all.


Then, the engine caught on fire.


At least we pretended so.


And we followed a checklist for that.


Then we pretended the electrical all went out. And of course there's a checklist for what to do in that situation.

So far everything has been about creating the worst case scenarios, and learning what to do in those situations. And in everything there is a SYSTEM to follow. 📑

Reminds me of what I do in coaching. As a leader I create systems for all the scenarios a coach will be in. And I show them how to safely navigate thru those scenarios so they don't crash and burn.

Coaching, flying a plane, pretty much the same thing.




Maybe that's why I love them both!