You can have all the money in the world, reach big amazing goals and be completely miserable or totally happy.

And you can have no money whatsoever and be FAR from your goals.... and still be completely miserable or totally happy.

And I don't think it's necessarily just your attitude.

I think it's more of the DIRECTION you're headed.

One thing I have learned from Tony Robbins (and LIFE in general) ----->

::Progress equals happiness and fulfillment::

No matter your starting place, when you are moving FORWARD and progressing in life you're happy.

So bring me all the uncomfortable feelings!! I'm not moving closer to my God given potential when I stay in my comfort zone. To GROW I get to be STRETCHED.


Flying lessons, even doing ground work like I did this morning--- THIS is a stretching zone for me.

And I love it.


Do something that challenges you today!! I promise, you'll be happier!