It's days like this I'm so grateful I don't have the typical 9-5 J-O-B.

I came back from Idaho/Utah with a nasty head cold.


I can't imagine having to get up and dressed for the workplace right now! Or missing work/pay because I don't feel my best.

And having Jayson here to make me Shakeology smoothies and help out with Phoebe is really nice and helps too.


So Hammer & Chisel is on hold, flight lessons on hold {flying and working out while blowing your nose every two minutes and coughing all the time is not a good idea lol}, but I'm still able to "work" and get my things done.

I may be working from a cushion on the grass in my backyard..... But I'm still being productive so it's all good. 😎

Welll...... I'm also taking a few extra naps but I'm saying it's okay. 🙇🏼

All the moms out there deserve jobs like this! Just saying!!!