Aim for Success NOT Perfection

I have this mantra for life...... Keep moving forward.

It is the ONLY phrase that has brought me out of a perfectionism-FROZEN-scared to fail- state of living.

I use to throw in the towel if things weren't perfect, if *i* wasn't perfect.


And to me, that's success. Not perfection.

Today, I'm starting over on week three of Hammer & Chisel. I got the nastiest head cold while traveling the other weekend. Then I had some tummy issues. Blah blah excuse excuse. So I haven't worked out for awhile. I even missed a Monday. Oh the shame of missing a Monday lol.

So, Tuesday is MY Monday. I'm starting NOW. Cuz today is the day I'm feeling well and ready to get back on track.

I'm moving forward! Patting myself on the back cuz I AIN'T PERFECT, but I know how to keep moving forward so THAT I will do.