The Miracle after The Accident

Two little pinky fingers.... Almost the same length.

It's a miracle. 🌈🙏🏼💞

Just over six weeks ago that little right hand pinky was severed. Cut completely off, just above the bottom knuckle.

Now, you can't even see where it was reattached.

Of course it's swollen, and there's a lot of dead skin. But today at the doctors office a huge chunk of dead skin came off, and we caught a glimpse of the new skin that has been growing underneath.

It looks so so good!!!

This side at least. wink emoticon

There's still some dead skin stuck on the bottom of her finger [that's the dark spot you see]. On the top side of her finger there's lots more dead skin.

But from this angle---- it's looking pretty darn normal.

Today the doctor said the bone is growing back together enough where she can move her hand more and only wear the cast when she's running around playing.

We'll see if the finger grows the same as the other. And we'll see if she grows a fingernail. {there IS a chance!}

But truly, I've been AMAZED every time we change the bandage.

The first time I got a good look at her finger after it was reattached, I cried.

Today, I'm smiling and overflowing with gratitude.

Truly, a miracle.