Progress = Happiness

Yesterday Tony Robbins talked about how progress = happiness.

You can have all the money in the world, all the success in the world, OR you can be poor and starting from a place of failure. There are people who are happy or miserable in both scenarios!

If you're making progress you are happy, EXCITED, no matter how small the progress.

If you're stagnant {in reality moving backwards} you're NOT happy & fulfilled.

I feel that way with Hammer & Chisel. 💪🏼

I'm seeing progress and it's exciting!

I don't think Jayson and I have ever done a program TOGETHER. We've worked out together here and there, but this is a first. We are doing this together and haven't missed a day since starting! ‪#‎accountability‬

Annnnnnnd we have been waking up early and not hitting snooze.

Annnnnnnd I'm down three pounds so far.

Annnnnnnd I can SEE more definition.

Annnnnnnd I decided it's okay for me to have a humble brag moment. Lol. Cuz I'm learning how to celebrate small victories. 🎉😉😉

Yay for progress!!!