Mastering Stalls

Awwwwww yeah baby!! Woot woot!! I have mastered stalls ladies and gentlemen!!!!

Well...... "mastered" is a strong word. Lol. I'm sure I'll master it with time.

But I HAVE now completed the part of my instruction where I purposely cause the plane to stall and start falling out of the sky, and I know how to recover! 👍🏼

I'm pretty sure this makes me a little more awesome-ER. 😉😉

Cuz how many people know how to create all the different types of stalls and recover while flying a plane???

{All the pilots are rolling their eyes thinking this isn't a big deal lol}

Well it's a big deal to me! Stalling the plane was the thing I feared MOST in learning how to fly. But I've spent the last few lessons going over this and I passed.

I can do hard things!!!! Yes!!!!