God uses us ALL to fullful HIS purpose

Did you know Mother Teresa struggled immensely behind closed doors?

Until yesterday I had no idea.

Tony Robbins shared how Mother Teresa struggled with intense emotional turmoil. As chance would have it---- this morning the audiobook I'm listening to ALSO talked about Mother Teresa's emotional distress as the author read letters she wrote to spiritual advisors.

In some of the letters she doubts the very spiritual beliefs she shares publicly. I was shocked.

I'm aware some may look at her letters and claim she was a fraud. Or feel "if she could spend her life in service and still be so sad, what's the point for me to even try? "

But I see it differently.

To me, it proves that God can use us ALL to fulfill His purpose, no matter where we are at spiritually, not matter what struggles we face.

We all have the ability to lift someone else!!! And you can do so without pretending you and your life is perfect.

I get there's an appropriate way/time/place/audience to share our experiences. But wouldn't the world be a better place if we could learn from one another's experiences and not just our own? Wouldn't that raise the tide for us all?

I feel the message deserves to be loud and clear. >>>> Struggle is universal. But you press on. You keep moving forward. Just like Mother Teresa did.

I'm more inspired than ever by Mother Teresa knowing the struggles she faced as a depressed, lonely, at time spiritually desolate individual. The motivation feels CLOSE, attainable, and doable for me.

That's the kind of motivation I aspire to create in others.

What about you? 
Are you shaken to see those you admire share the hard times they are working through?
Or does it inspire?