God Knows Best

I haven't seen this red brick house in years.

~ It's the home where Mack took his first steps.

~ It's the home where Andi took her first steps.

~ It was our dream home. Our forever home, the home where we planned to raise our family.

>>This is the home we lost in foreclosure six years ago.<<

I spent the day in meetings, but before driving up to Idaho I decided to drive thru our old Utah neighborhood. It was pretty surreal. So many memories, so many emotions.

I remember praying and praying that SOMEHOW, someway, Jayson could find a job that paid enough so we could keep this house. I prayed with all my heart that we wouldn't have to move.

The whole experience of losing this house and filing bankruptcy was SO HARD for me. I could always see where God was watching over us and we were clearly blessed during that trial, but it still felt like a trial.

It wasn't until about a year ago that I realized if the foreclosure/bankruptcy had not happened, I never would have jumped at this Beachbody opportunity and gone ALL IN. All those people who looked at me joining Beachbody and criticized me and made fun of me???-- I would have been one of THEM. Or I would have treated this like a hobby and only worked when it was convenient.

But because I experienced SO MUCH heartache in losing everything {and we didn't feel like Jayson's job was a long term solution} I saw Beachbody as "the chance" out and the only way to secure we didn't go BACK to financial stress.

No doubt God has VERY MUCH blessed me in this business, but this did not come easy for me. I can show you my initial posts and messages and failed challenge groups to prove I was NOT a natural at this. Lol. I have worked incredibly hard and long long hours behind the scenes to have the business we have today.

But the motivation and drive would have been absent without our bankruptcy experience.

And so I know.....Losing this house was not a trial, but a blessing.

Because I had that experience I was guided to a journey for better health; a personal development path that has changed my life for the better--- I am not the same person I was 3.5 years ago. This journey has lead me to the most amazing friends who inspire, uplift, and encourage me; and yes, we've created a significant income.

I didn't get what I was praying for, I got something so much better.

God knows best, obviously. It just took me six years to really understand WHY it was for our best to lose this house.

Leaving Utah with increased gratitude and peace for that chapter of my life.