Daydream Come True

I've been doing a lot of spring cleaning and organizing lately. Today I came across one of my old notebooks.

Apparently years and years ago, before Beachbody, I was writing out my dream life in detail.

I mentioned a lot of things, but I mentioned being WARM and having lots of sunshine a few times.

I was living in Idaho Falls at the time. And I had never even heard of Beachbody. This wasn't me writing out a vision statement so I could feel motivated to do hard things.

I was dreaming. đŸ’­Something I did often.

I think for a long time day dreaming was a survival mechanism. A way to mentally ESCAPE the pain & depression I was feeling. And I guess on this particular {what I am guessing was a cold} day, I was day dreaming about sunshine.

Another day dream I had a lot growing up? I remember being sad as a kid and wanting to "escape". I remember thinking if I could jump high enough off my couch I could FLY like Peter Pan to Neverland. Lol.

I could SEE myself flying over my childhood neighborhood, zooming past the houses and children playing below. It's weird I have that memory, but being able to fly is a daydream I had a LOT for a long long time. I think that plays into me pursuing my pilot's license to be honest. 

But anyways.......

It's just crazy to me to see the intention I put out in these notebooks. The detail in which I wrote my dream life, and how it compares to now!

I guess you could say Arizona has always been in my heart.

Arizona is my daydream come true.