Yeah I'm wrapped up in a blanket right now and it's 82 degrees outside. My house feels cold though!

Clearly I have acclimated. 😂🙈😉

And to think, I'm headed to Utah & Idaho tomorrow for a few days in the winter cold.

I'll be speaking at a personal development seminar with some other keynote speakers, and the one and only Sagi Kalev will be doing a live workout.

Are you coming? There's still time to snag tickets! This isn't a Beachbody specific event, if you want to learn tips for living at your highest potential you'll want to be there! I'll post a link in the comments.

It will be well worth it. AND..... If you come maybe you'll get to see me speaking on stage sporting snow pants and a big winter coat. Haha. Totally acceptable right?!!!!