**Just a little update on Phoebe**

Her finger is healing and I'm just so grateful we were PATIENT and didn't give up on the treatment!

The finger is reattached, and it's looking better everyday. At this point we're just waiting for the bone to grow back together.

**On a personal note....**

When the accident happened I couldn't comprehend WHY God would will this to happen. But I've been through enough hard times and seen later how those trials were really blessings. So I could trust one day it would all make sense, but I assumed clarity was years away.

And yet, it makes sense.... now.

It's hard to explain everything that has happened in the last five weeks.

But it's sufficient to say this experience [and experiences surrounding it] spurred an immense emotional breakdown.

And..... it spurred an astronomical break THRU.

I am so grateful. I didn't realize the limiting beliefs I was lugging around!

I wasn't aware of the heaviness in my heart until it was brought to the surface. This experience created an opportunity to RELEASE so many unhealthy core beliefs!

I feel like a different person. Everything has changed...... for the better.

Yes, I'm saying this experience has been a blessing.


By no other means could I have learned what I have learned these last few weeks. Even just the last few days so much has happened! I wish I could share everything that's been going on but it's just so much to write. Maybe one day I'll write a book and share everything. We'll see.


I just wanted to share my gratitude and excitement for the future. Which is just crazy!!! Lol. I knew one day I would be at peace and feel gratitude for this experience. But boy oh boy, five weeks ago I NEVER would have imagined it to be so soon after.

God sure works in mysterious ways.

It makes life pretty amazing. 💕💕