I feel like Beachbody has made so many new announcements lately that I need to make a few posts to share all the exciting news.


  •  A new Health Bet where you can win a slice of a multi million dollar prize pot for working out and drinking a shake...
  •  A limited time option to gain access to ALL the programs ever released with access to all the programs that WILL be released next year at a SMOKING PRICE ...
  •  Last chance options at discount deals.... so much.....

It's like.... Christmas time or something. ;)

BUT - before I get into all that, I wanted to throw this out there. It's something that has been on my mind for awhile.

I want to MAKE SURE people who work with me have AMAZING results!

 most people have no idea how good thier body is designed to feel.

I don't want to just sign someone up, have them go on their way, and not be THRILLED with their results. If I could knock on your door each morning and FORCE you out of bed to workout I would. lol. So I've been brainstorming alternatives. :)

I love my challenge groups. I love the Beachbody app we have for checking in. But ya know what? I've had a texting buddy this last month where we just check in together annnnnnnd I've really loved that too.

SO..... I'd love to find some more texting buddies! <3

Nothing fancy, but you get ME - my time. A daily text from me.

I think sometimes we just need someone's personal TIME to really THRIVE and move past our barriors. That's my theory anyway, so help me put it to the test. ;)

My plan is to check in with you daily. I'll text you as soon as I've done MY workout and had my shake. And I'll check to see how you're doing.

A small text thread with 6 of us. Me, and 5 of you.


I've never done this before. But I want to test it out. And I know my limits so I'm keeping it to the first five people to commit. I'm not saving spots for people who want to buy later.

First five people who want a daily text from me, I'm ready for ya!

New customers only! And obviously - space limited. ;)

Are you interested? Think you'd thrive in something more personal and small like this?

** You can do this AND the Health Bet if you want to earn some of the multi million prize pot.**

Comment below, or contact me if you want to be one of the five!