I'm a big believer in ANYONE'S ability to change.

You'll hear me say it many times - but it's NEVER too late to change and BE the person God intended you to be.

I know because I've seen it first hand in MY life. I have changed a lot in the last five years! And I've witnesses SEVERAL people make long lasting changes in THEIR lives.

 The power of change is very real, and is a great spiritual gift from God. -James E Faust

But HOW??? How does someone truly change at the CORE, so they aren't just relapsing later on?

I believe it's a matter of changing both behavior AND mindset.

I think the flaw of those that relapse and only experience temporary change is they ONLY focus on changing behavior.

Then it's just a test of how long their willpower can withstand!

zCan I share a book that I'm listening to right now? It's called Change Any-Thing.

 great book to read, Change Anything
 If you change nothing, nothing will change!

I'm loving this book!

I feel empowered with tangible ideas and tips for how to make more positive changes in my OWN life.

And I'm gathering lots of tips that I know will make me a better coach. 🙌🏼More tools in my toolbox so I can empower my customers and coaches to make life long changes in THEIR life.

If you're looking for a new book to complement your New Year Resolutions I'd definitely recommend this one!