Be kind, be fair, be honest, be true, and all these things will come back to you.

In our church I have been serving in the jr. primary with the little children. There is such a strong and undeniable spirit that surrounds them!

As part of my lessons I like to give the a little Family Home Evening lesson to the families that goes along with what we talked about in class. I thought I'd start sharing those here for those of you who could benefit from them.

This weeks lesson was on being Honest.  The kids heard the story of Christ's trial in Mark 14:53-65. We learned how Christ told the truth when asked if He was Christ, even though His life was in danger.   

On this theme of being honest I wanted to share a Family Home Evening idea that looked fun! I was able to find an outline online this time so credit goes to this blog:  (

You can download this PDF by clicking the link below this image, but do check out the blog link above because she includes a few photos for making a spider cupcake treat that are so cute!

 Family Home Evening Lesson on Honesty PDF printable

I also found this fun activity picture for your children to do this week.

 family home evening lesson on being honest