Note to self: When I eat like crap, I feel like crap.

"Well I don't like cooking, so I don't know how to make healthy meals..."

So goes one of my BIGGEST excuses that lined my years of unhealthy eating.

I still don't really enjoy cooking. But I've learned eating clean doesn't require that!

I can make quick, easy, meals with very little cooking.

1 can of black beans. 

1 can of corn.

1 red bell pepper. 

1 red tomato- diced. 

1 red onion- diced. 

A container of coconut rice, already cooked, ready to heat up in the microwave. 

Add Spinach and romaine lettuce. 

Top with a dollop of Guacamole & squeeze of Lime juice.

That's it!

 A healthy outside starts from the inside.

Throwing everything in a bowl does NOT take much effort. And this will serve four people.

 easy and healthy taco salad that required no cooking!!

But if I'm feeling ambitious I can take the corn and red bell pepper and grill them in a pan with olive oil. Or grill the onions with some garlic in a pan, add the rice with a cup of water and some cumin and cayenne pepper to spice things up a little.

Quick, easy, super yummy.