2016 has been such an INTERESTING year.

Anyone agree?

So many lessons, so many trials, so many blessings and wonderful memories. For me personally, this has been one of the HARDEST years I've had in a really long time.

 setting goals for 2017

Maybe that's surprising to some cuz I haven't really posted about the trials I've been facing. But I'm sure everyone knows some things aren't meant to be posted about on social media. ;)

But I feel these last few days there's been some SHIFTS happening. Some MAJOR aha moments.

Coming to me FAST - thru books I've been reading, meditation, life coach sessions, and really impactful therapy sessions. And yeah I said therapy.... I have NO SHAME in recommending therapy cuz all the successful people I know do therapy. ;)

 program your mind for success

I wish I could BOTTLE UP everything I'm learning into a blog post, or a video, or SOMETHING! But at the same time I feel what I'm becoming aware of is for ME. And I get to SHARE that awareness and mindset shift thru my BEHAVIOR, instead of thru teaching it to another.

But I just have to say I'm EXCITED for this new year. I'm excited for the positive things coming my way, the world of possibilities that come through new awarenesses.

Mindset shifts change EVERYTHING!!!

 mindset shifts change everything

So watch out world..... you ain't seen nothing yet from this girl. ;)

I'm JUST getting started.