The last couple months it's been really interesting for me as a parent.

I'm sure it's just the age my oldest two kids are coming to - but Mack & Andi have had a lot of questions about politics lately.

They are at the age where they are hearing a lot from kids at school.

And quite honestly, I've been surprised at the hate filled/ fear filled statements they have asked for clarity on. REGARDING BOTH Trump and Clinton.

I guess I have felt a little shocked {and frustrated} as a parent that their classmates would be hearing so much ANGER and HATE from their parents to regurgitate.

But I'm reminded of the inherent GOOD of allllllll people.

Yes, sometimes there is hate and fear and frustration. But I think people can be quick to come back to their TRUTH.

Because that goodness & LIGHT is in us ALL. It's hardwired in.

I didn't even realize how much annoyance I have felt until yesterday.


Guess I have been focused on frustration, filled with annoyance at the hate and fear I've seen spread from BOTH sides, but it's not serving me to focus on that.

It starts with me. <3 It starts with my family. <3

I'm ready to let it go.

I'm ready to focus on the GOOD in us ALL.