Being from Idaho we certainly have experienced many years of dropping temps to a cool crisp air come each Autumn.  Though Arizona doesn't drop down into freezing temps, which we really quite love, we do feel the relief from the very hot summers here. Today I'm reminded that wherever you live in the world, no matter the temperature, fall always comes and brings a whole flood of nostalgia!

Crockpot meals are one of my absolute favorite. Not only are they so simple, easy & filling but so many feelings engulf my body when I smell the aroma of soup. Smells like home, smells like comfort. I love that comfort food can be healthy too! 

 Easy and yummy crockpot white chicken chili

Here's one of our favorites, White Chicken Chili Soup.

 simple and yummy white chicken chili crockpot soup

Do you have these basic ingredients in your cupboards or pantry?

 Do you have these ingredients in your cupboard? Best White Chicken Chili Crockpot soup.

If so, you've gotta try this recipe! The best white chicken chili crockpot soup! Simple, easy & oh so filling-- your family will be feeling the love and gratitude of fall in no time!

 Best white chicken chili crockpot soup!