Last month I was able to gather several of my top coaches together for a 4-day retreat at my house!

I don't normally host retreats based solely on rank. I've hosted yearly team retreats instead for those working the business. In fact, I've only done one other diamond retreat, but for that one I flew my diamonds down to Cancun to celebrate our team hitting 15 star.

So this was my SECOND diamond retreat! But the FIRST retreat ever at my very own home!! It still kind of blows my mind right to think back to when my house was full of coaches from my team.

I was thinking this morning how of the 14 ladies who were able to attend this retreat I only knew THREE of them prior to signing up as a coach. Isn't that crazy? And now these friends I met online came and slept at my house. I wonder what my grandma would think of that. ๐Ÿ˜‰ lol.   A multiple night slumber party with friends i've met and become best friends with through the internet! 

The weekend was EPIC!!! I have to shares some of the highlights!

Starting with paddle board yoga! 

 paddle board yoga
 paddle board yoga

A year and a half ago... I would stalk a motivational raw, real inspiring mom...
I was sad, defeated and playing victim to circumstance.
I dreamed of someday sharing space with her, because maybe her ray of light would shine in on me...
I prayed for that light... For direction, for hope...
Early one morning, she answered- out of the blue... She was inspired to reach out to me~ and she listened.
She filled me with hope, direction, and encouraged me when I wanted to give up.
On this beautiful morning I got to enjoy Paddle board yoga with her at her home- my heart is filled with gratitude.
— Coach Jessica

 paddle board yoga
 paddle board yoga
 paddle board yoga

We sang Brittany Spears on a party bus on our way to play Top Golf, went to an afternoon movie yummy dinners out and TONS of late night girl talk. 

 party bus
 top golf
 team forward fitness
 team forward fitness

I had a professional photographer come to my home to take team pictures and individual headshots of each coach.

 team forward fitness

Can we talk about how GORGEOUS my friends are??

team forward fitness.jpg

I'm OVERWHELMED with gratitude for these ladies!

I really had no idea the FRIENDS I would make and the COMMUNITY I was joining when I jumped into this.


It is amazing to me how these girls I initially met only online have becomes very vital part of my village. They helped me so much this last year as we've have gone through ups and downs in our family life. I will be forever grateful for these friendships.They are so much more than "coworkers", at times they are part of my lifeline.

 team forward fitness swag

We missed a few girls that qualified to be there so I sent them their swag! When I read what Coach Jen wrote on social media after receiving it I was overcome by gratitude for this team all over again!

No joke. ALL this just came in the mail as a BIG SURPRISE GIFT.

The Miracle Morning book, The 5 Minute Journal, a personalized mug, and a girl boss shirt from my coach and mentor Brigitte Linford.

Thank you, B!! You really show what this business is all about. Family, support, and teamwork. I MISSED you guys at the Diamond Retreat you held!

And get this...no other โ€œbossโ€ has ever sent me a GIFT when I couldnโ€™t make the vacation that THEY WERE PAYING FOR ME TO TAKE.

#RealityCheck #YepItsReal

Being a mom of 6 will keep a person running and SOMETIMES locked down, but THAT is why I love this business so much. Because I can CHOOSE how I spend my days!!

Thank you for sending me a gift because I โ€œmissedโ€ your expense paid retreat. *Smh* at this awesomeness.

I love you and I love this team. THANK YOU for helping me to lead myself and my team to success. This business is a dream come true.

Thank you!!!!!

#CoachingRocks #WhoWouldntWantThis?
— Coach Jen

I LOVE you girls๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜!!! fdadfd!!!! !!!!!! 

LOVE this business and the amazing opportunities it provides for me and my family.

If this sounds like something that you may want to be a part of, contact me! This opportunity could change your life, like it has mine!

 join team forward fitness
 join team forward fitness