This was one year ago today! Wow, so crazy to reflect back on this day, the day I joined the Beachbody Millionaires Club...

Million Club

Wanna know the oddest thing about this day that I never shared? The day I joined the Million Club I woke up incredibly distraught, I was a complete mess. I could NOT stop crying. But probably not for reasons you think.

Yes I was overwhelmed with gratitude. But I was CONSUMED with a heavy sensation of guilt and fear.

Guilt for making money. Guilt for being successful. Fear of what others would now think of me cuz I knew EVERYONE was about to know my income. Fear of God.

You're probably reading that and thinking WHY???

Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. It TOTALLY took me by surprise.

I couldn't figure out what my issue was. It took me MONTHS of self reflection, therapy, and personal development for me to be brutally honest with myself and identify the deep seeded beliefs I needed to RELEASE.

It was time for me to let go of beliefs like .....


- To be humble I must be poor. 

- If I have money I must be evil. 

- If I have money I'll have a hard time getting into heaven. 

- People are going to judge me and assume I'm "worldly" and focused on the wrong things if I have money. 

- People will judge and assume I'm a bad wife and mother if I'm thriving in my business. 

- My income will make others uncomfortable. 

- Money equals pride. And BEWARE OF PRIDE.

As you can tell, so many of the false beliefs were stemmed in religion, fear of God and a sincere deep desire to be a "good person". Oh and, let's be honest- so much stemmed from ME previously judging OTHERS and thereby assuming people would do the same to me. 

One of the best books I read after this day was the Legacy Journey by Dave Ramsey. It's approaching money from a biblical standpoint and as I read that book the spirit confirmed to me what I was reading was truth. That, and a lot of prayer and confirmation from God that "I'm okay, I can still be a good person and have money".


Anyways, just interesting for me to reflect back on this day. It's funny how life works huh? Experiences happen so we can bring to the surface all the false limiting beliefs we created that are causing us pain. Whenever an experience is "hard" I know it's a sign there's something there to RELEASE. Beachbody has been an accelerated growth plan that's for sure!

And it's been a big big blessing. I have worked really hard to build a business I am proud of. I did not just get lucky. But God definitely blessed the efforts I put in and I'm very very grateful.

And I'm happy to report....... I'm no longer ashamed.