January of 2012 I bought my first bag of Shakeology. And I started using the BlendTec blender my mom and dad have given us for Christmas the month prior.

Today, that BlendTec blender reads 4016. Yep - our family has consumed a lot of dense nutrition the past few years!


But it's funny to think back at what motivated me to buy that first bag.

I was running over 30 miles a week, counting calories on My Fitness Pal, making my own green smoothies at home, and STUCK in a 4 month long weight loss plateau.

I was desperate and thought at the time Shakeology was just a weight loss shake and I wanted to lose weight. I figured with the bottom of the bag money back guarantee I had nothing to risk!

That first month I lost 8 pounds. But more than that- it curved my cravings. I stopped taking afternoon naps {a daily activity since college}. I was regular for the first time in my life. And just felt GOOD overall. That's when I decided to actually google the ingredients one by one and see what was in this drink. Ha!


I'm proud of what Shakeology has to offer. There's not a single person I know who takes the time to research the ingredients who has ONE negative thing to say about the quality of what's in this shake. Some people don't value investing in their health, I get that - I've been there before myself.

But I DON'T get when people think they can get the same nutrition by just eating clean foods. Sadly forgetting that the soil and air quality feeding those foods is not at ALL comparable to what it was even just 50 years ago. Even an organic apple today is just not the same as an apple 50 years ago.

A dense dose of nutrition is what we need! Protein and amino acids. Antioxidants and phytonutrients. Adaptogens and digestive enzymes. Prebiotics and probiotics. Please do eat super clean but know - you're still not getting the same nutrition comparable to a daily serving of Shakeology. And that's nutrition your body NEEDS.


So yep, I'm proud of the thousands of shakes that have been made for me and my family. Cuz I know my health and my family's health is worth investing in.

And you know what? To this day, it's STILL my most favorite meal of the day.