Home one full day, and I'm about to head out again. But this time it's for one of my FAVORITE Beachbody events! 

In the Beachbody community it seems we all have a favorite Beachbody event. And for many ~~ it's the Beachbody Leadership Retreat. 

My first year as a coach I wanted so badly to hit the qualifications to be invited to this event! But I missed the qualifications. They only invite the top leaders and I just didn't make the cut! 

But in 2013 and 2014 and 2015 I got that inside look into WHY so many love love love this event above all the others. Every year it's been amazing! The last two years I was a speaker at the event and that was a neat thing to be a part of. 

We get to hear from Beachbody corporate. And yes, there's training. But it's really relaxed and much more intimate. I can tell corporate views this event as an opportunity to spoil us! Paying for our hotel in a sweet location, gifts, and insights into what's on the horizon for this company. 

Out of the thousands and thousands of coaches in the network there are only a couple hundred coaches invited to this particular event each year. So it gives me a chance to really rub shoulders with the TOP coaches in this network and collaborate with them. I feel each time I go I see a deeper insight into what makes this company different- TEAM Beachbody. The community, the friendships, the leadership we have in corporate. 

This IS my favorite event. 🌸


I'm thrilled to earn an invite this year! And three of my personally sponsored coaches earned an invite as well and I'm super proud of them.  Kacia FitzgeraldBreezie Bitter and Missy Reber are amazing coaches.  🙌🏼

I was also asked to be a speaker again and host a training for the coaches attending. It feels like an honor to share ideas with the coaches in the network that I so greatly admire and respect. I've been spending a lot of time in preparation and I'm passionate about the topic I've been given so I'm excited about that! 

I leave tomorrow! 

Can't wait to see some of my friends and relax in California!!