It's days like today that have me walking around with a dumb grin on my face!!!!

Gahhhh------ I'm so excited!! 

I spent the morning on calls with three special amazing ladies who are all getting started as coaches on my team. It's so exciting for me cuz I remember so so clearly how it felt as a new coach! 

Happy memories! 

There were concerns and fears sure, but simultaneously I felt a SURGE of EXCITEMENT. 

Cuz I just KNEW..... this was my chance. 



Hope, for a brighter future. 

An avenue for reaching my highest potential.

I had spent several years frustrated with how things were going. But was I DOING anything about it? Nope! Lol. Instead I mastered complaining and acting AS IF there was nothing I could do about it.

So signing up as a coach and taking ACTION was empowering, liberating even. Action beats fear, right? 

I took action with big goals but with realistic expectations. I knew I wasn't going to earn thousands of dollars quickly. I knew I was starting off with 200 friends on Facebook and a small cluster of friends. 

But I ALSO knew the next 5 years were going to pass regardless. I just figured I might as well do SOMETHING on the side to build a better future. 

I can't tell you how many people have come to me wishing they had started Beachbody a year ago when they first heard about it! I lovingly point out how they will be saying the same thing a year from now unless they do something different! 

If nothing changes, nothing changes.

It's been four and a half years now. Four and a half years is NOTHING guys. I have friends who are still facing the same issues and frustrations they had four years ago. And others I know who have grown by LEAPS and BOUNDS during that time! 

The choice is ours! 

Seeing the choice these ladies have made to START is very very exciting for me. New coaches getting started, and new challengers that started in my fitness challenge Monday...... I'm just so proud!!! 

I love it. 

It makes me happy. 

Anything is possible guys!!! Do something today your future self will thank you for!