Nine am and the kids are all at school. House tidied up. Load of laundry going. Workout done. Personal development done. And I'm ready for the day.

This is not the norm.

But I want it to be.

A couple of my leaders went to a new leadership conference and came back with some great advice. One of the things that was shared with me is the idea that .....

"When you feel overwhelmed it's not likely to be your goals that are stressing you out. But your lack of sticking to a schedule."

That hit me hard.

When I wake up early and do my thing and stick to a schedule, I feel amazing! I feel like I can conquer the world!

When I waste time in the morning it affects my whole schedule for the day and I feel.... Ho hum.

I don't know why getting up early is something I conquer, and then struggle with again and again.

But yesterday it hit me that my KIDS are the ones that suffer when I waste time in the morning. It means when they come home from school I'm scrambling to clean, work, hurry and workout, etc.

I'm doing this.

This is the domino goal that if I set everything else will fall in place! Sticking to a routine/schedule. Early to bed, early to rise.

Anyone else have this as a goal for 2016???