SEE A VISION for your life

Soaking in the sun for a few minutes.  Then hopping on a zoom chat with a couple other amazing coaches to plan a leadership training group. 💻

Feeling grateful that I've been able to spend a lot of time with this guy next to me.

This morning we took Phoebe to the doctor. Her finger is looking good, there are two pins that were put in her bone and they are both sticking out the tip of her finger. But the doctor says it's okay. 😑 ‪#‎ModernMedicineBlowsMyMind‬

So we took Phoebe to preschool, took off for a brunch date. And now we're sitting by the pool talking about LIFE. My husband wearing shorts while I sport sunglasses. Just a random Friday. 😎

It's moments like this that make me so so GRATEFUL for the decision I made to be a Beachbody coach.

In what other way could we have the whole day to just do what we need to, and want to do, and just RELAX, together??

I've had my share of naysayers. But sitting here, I'm having a hard time remembering their critiques.

So grateful for the freedom this job has provided us. The freedom to spend time as we please, and just be TOGETHER. 💞 I'm determined to help my team reach THEIR goals as well, because it feels pretty darn amazing when you see a VISION for your life, and then fulfill it.