I finished reading The Happiness Advantage the other day and took tons of notes. An amazing amazing book.

One thing he said that stood out to me....

"Money CAN buy happiness. If you spend that money on other people and experiences."

The author wasn't just sharing "nice ideas". Everything he shares is based on scientific studies and years of research. He said if you spend money on yourself or just buying STUFF, you feel a temporary satisfaction, but not happiness. Only when you spend money on experiences and spend money on other people do you feel long lasting happiness.

Kind of cool to think about huh?

If money wasn't a consideration, what would YOU do for someone else?

What experience would you seek out if money didn't matter?

I would travel and see every single continent. I'd buy my kids their first home, pay for their college, and take every single one of my coaches on an all expense paid trip somewhere exotic.

What about you?