Taking the FIRST STEP

My alarm clock went off at 5 am. 

From then on I was wide awake. 

At 10 am I got out of bed. 

Yep- - It took me five hours of praying and playing mental games with myself to build up enough courage to face the day and take my first step out of bed. 

First thing I did on my feet today? Run. I went for a run around my neighborhood and while I ran I couldn't help but think of how this morning is so representative of my life. 

I spent 29 years THINKING about living my life, but doing nothing. 29 years spent on autopilot. 29 years spent doing a whole lotta nothing. 29 years praying and praying for the courage to ACT. 

I'm well aware that a good percentage of my day was just spent in bed. And I could focus on those less than productive hours spent in bed. Just like I could focus on the 29 years I did a whole lotta nothing. I mean, if I live to 87 that IS a THIRD of my life spent living beneath my potential. 

I could dwell on those statistics for another five hours or 29 years. OR I could focus on the step I took FORWARD. 

Cuz I DID get out of bed this morning. And for that I am proud of myself. I took a step, and then another. And then I ran a mile. A slow mile, but a mile nonetheless. 

I just wanted to share because I know some people think it's too late to make changes. They think because they have always done things a certain way, that's the way it will always be. 

Maybe you've been thinking about making changes for quite some time, but you haven't taken that first step. 

Don't worry, I can relate. It took me 29 years to take my first step forward. 

I may be having a hard time right now. And right now I may need a few hours to psych myself up enough to take a step in the morning. But I STILL did take a step. 

And you can too. One step forward. And then another step. And then another. 

And when you're ready.... Run. 

And just know I'm here for you. If you're building up that courage to take a step just let me know and we can lock arms together and support one another. 

You, me, together- we can do this.