My first pair of David Clarks! 

Yep- I have my own Aviation Headset now. I got tired or swapping spit with the rental headsets.  😉🙈😂

I am so excited!! New headset AND I'm feeling more and more confident with each lesson. 

Today was really cool because I did my first stalls today! Yep- stalls.  😳 My instructor showed me how to pitch the plane up in such a way where there's not enough air flowing over the wings to generate lift. At which point your plane is now falling out of the sky. 

Scary huh??!!! It's such a weird sensation and the plane vibrates hard when it's happening. But he showed me how to create a stall, how to turn side to side when it's stalling and falling down, and how to recover. Then it was my turn. 

And I nailed it!!  👊🏼👊🏼

I feel like I did so good today! My take off and landing was better, my turns are better, I'm doing better holding altitude and speed and leveling the plane. And I'm EVEN doing pretty good on the radio communicating with the tower. 

Yeah, patting myself on the back today. Hehe. 😎 Feeling like a million bucks!!!!! Booyah!!!!!!