I ordered Hammer & Chisel as my next fitness program to complete but........ I haven't started it yet. 🙈

I know it's silly, but I want a legit before and after photo with this program! I just knew with Christmas and all the traveling we are taking to see my family and Jayson's family- it would be unrealistic for me to take a bench and weights with me in the car so I can keep doing this program while we are gone. So January 4th is my start date for that program! I've got a challenge group forming now for anyone else who wants to join me after the holidays! 

But until then, I have been taking advantage of the Beachbody On Demand workouts. Did you know there are 12 full programs on here? Plus workouts Sagi, Tony Horton and Autumn Calabrese have released JUST for Beachbody On Demand? And did you know there's even maternity workouts? 

You didn't know all that? Did you know you can try these out for FREE for thirty days? And a subscription to all these workouts is less than 40 dollars for three months. Crazy right?!! 

Consider this your lesson of the day.  wink emoticon

I'm excited for Hammer & Chisel come January 4th. But until then, these Beachbody On Demand exclusives are pretty fun to check out.  🏼