Crystal Rocks & Feathers

First time I have checked the mail in a few days and I'm happy to see a few things I ordered on etsy!  

Anyone buy themselves Christmas presents this year? Guess I kind of did. 🙈 

But I've learned when you find something on Etsy you get it because it won't always be available!  

So I ordered a few things .....

• These Peruvian jade feather earrings.  

• A raw black tourmaline yoga bracelet.  

• And I bought this feather bookmark at Barnes & Noble the other day. 

Guess you could say I like symbols. Or you could say I'm a hippie.  😉 But I do like crystal rocks and feathers!

Crystal Rocks have so many healing agencies...


And I feel these have arrived at the perfect time for me.   #NoCoincidences 

What did you get for Christmas?  
Did you buy yourself anything?