The good news is Phoebe's finger is alive!

I just didn't expect her finger to look the way it does.

When the accident happened there were some people with reattached severed fingers who reached out to me and showed me photos of their healing process. I had those visuals in mind.

But Phoebe's finger doesn't look like any of those images.

Phoebe's finger is deformed, mangled.

I know a deformed finger is not really a big deal, I'm so grateful it's alive. I just wasn't prepared for what I saw. But Jayson is quick to remind me anything can happen in her healing. And the doctor says it's a good color so the blood is flowing.

The doctor also says Phoebe will likely need a skin graft. A vein from her foot. A skin graft from her groin. It feels like all these scars are being created to save this little finger.

Right now her ring finger has a big open blister/ulcer where it's been pressed against the pinky. To prevent the infection from spreading they showed us how to change the dressing. And they put this removable cast on so we can regularly do that at home in between her weekly doctor visits.

I am so grateful her finger is alive. I'm grateful for this removable cast so we can itch her arm when needed. And I'm grateful we can monitor the fingers a little better.

And Phoebe was excited and grateful she got to pick out the color of the cast and straps.

Phoebe is a trooper!