It's a good thing Beachbody sent me gorgeous elite printed flowers on the day I hosted a video training webinar for my team.

Cuz it calls for selfies. #‎ProSelfie And look! 

Mascara! Clean hair! Real clothes!

Yes I'm excited about that because it's been a rare thing these last couple weeks. Lol. 🙈 Just getting back in my groove.

Just ignore my messy desk in the background though mmmmkay?! I'm working! Ha!

But I just have to share a crazy thing with you guys ..... I found out there's only 28 other people who started my same year and have earned ELITE three years in a row like me. That's out of the entire network!

Pretty humbling, but it makes me proud of the team training we have in place for coaches looking to build a business! Because ELITE status doesn't come from MY activity/success, it's earned only if my personally sponsored coaches see success.

So proud of my team! But weren't not slowing down. 2016 Elite...... we are coming for ya!