Today was a big for both of these two!

•••> Phoebe went back to preschool today and got to see all her friends again.

•••> And today was Teddy's first day with official dog training! We found a dog trainer to come to our house and it went really well.

They both are doing good. Phoebe is on antibiotics and minimal pain meds. I've had questions about her cast- it does cover all of her hand and fingers. So we don't know for sure if the finger is alive right now or black, but the doctor said after two weeks of leech therapy it just is what it is. The hard cast is on to help the bone heal at this point. Her pinky was cut in pretty equal halves, so the bone has two pins in it and needs to grow back together.

Friday she will have X-rays done and the hard cast taken off and redone. It will be my first time getting a good look at the finger as it was so bloody and unrecognizable in the hospital. Sorry for the gruesome details, people are asking though so I figure people want to know.

As for Teddy..... He's REALLY mellow. He doesn't bark, loves to play catch, and loves to follow me around and Andi too. His favorite place is the shag rug in my office. He seems annoyed with Phoebe for now, but I think as she stops pestering him so much he'll warm up to her a bit. Ha!

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for our family. It means a lot to me, and we are so grateful.


Things are good!